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Real Estate Transactions

You should use a Real Estate Transaction Attorney if…

You have negotiated the terms of an agreement to sell your home but are not sure how to put that agreement in writing and make it legally binding.

Your brother or sister wants to sell you his or her portion of the land left to him or her by your mother and is willing to finance the purchase price. You know you need some documents prepared and recorded, but you have no idea how to get started.

You have decided to pay cash for the property you have contracted to buy. How do you make sure the seller has a good title free and clear of liens and judgments?

Your neighbor is putting up markers to build a fence on what you are sure is your property. You’ve informed him, but he insists that you are mistaken.

The highway department informs you that it will take your land and house to build a new four-lane highway. What can you do?

You are buying a new house and your mortgage company informs you that you need an attorney to close your loan.

Thomas M. McElroy can assist you with any real estate matter that may come your way in addition to those listed above. He has over 30 years experience in real estate transactions and real estate litigation.

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